Your customers can open requests and communicate with your service team by working from their familiar email box when the email channel is enabled for your service desk.  

Here's how it works:



service desk를 위한 메일채널 사용설정하기

시작하기 전에


  1. In your service desk, go to Settings. In the left-hand navigation, choose Email settings. 
  2. Click Turn it on. Follow the prompts to add your email account and select the default request type for requests created from the email channel. For Gmail and Yahoo Mail, you only need to enter your credentials. If you use other mail services, you will need to provide server details as well.
    Note, The request types are split into two groups, one that can be selected for the emails and one that cannot be selected. Request types can only be selected if they have no required fields other than 'Summary' and 'Description'.

After the email channel is set up,  will take note of when it connected to the email account for the first time. Any new messages sent to your inbox after that time will be pulled in as new requests or comments. Customers will receive email notifications about the details of their requests. For information about notifications, see Setting up the email channel. Messages that already exist in your email account are not processed. 

A test email will be sent to the email account shortly, and you will see a new request created for it in one of your queues in

service desk에 대한 메일채널 사용중지하기

Service desk administrators, i.e. project administrators, can disable the email channel for their individual service desks. Once the email channel is disabled, all the email settings for the service desk are removed from the system. This means that a JIRA administrator needs to be involved for the email channel to be re-enabled.

multiple service desk 플젝트에 대한 메일채널 관리하기

JIRA administrators can get an overview of all the service desks in the system that use the email channel and the email accounts linked with them. 

On the Email settings page, you can also test the connection to the linked email account. 

multiple 메일계정 사용하기

You can only link one email account with . If you use more than one email address to interact with your customers and want to integrate them with , you might be able to achieve this by setting up forwarding rules or aliases. What these two options can achieve is that all the email messages from your multiple email accounts will land in the email account linked with  and therefore be pulled into your queues. You will need to configure the settings in your mail server.

User accounts created from email requests  

When customers send an email for the first time, new user accounts are created automatically for them if your service desk is an open desk and allows public signup. For information about public signup, see Setting up the email channel .

User accounts for service desk customers are free and do not count towards your license. 

The username is their email address and they will receive an email notification about the user account. The user account is also added to the Service Desk Customers role of the service desk and you can find it in the customer list on the People tab.  For information about the role and the customer list, see Setting up the email channel and Setting up the email channel.


How are requests created from email messages?

After the connection is established between  and your email account,  checks the inbox of your email account every minute. When seeing email message there,  will determine whether they are replies to existing requests or new requests. 

  • Replies will be added as comments to the matching issues. 
  • For new requests,   creates new issues by copying the email subject to the Summary field and the email content to the Description field. 

If a request type has other required fields,  cannot fill out the request form correctly. Therefore, request types that have more required fields cannot be used as the default one for the email channel.

What request types can be used as the default assigned to requests for the email channel?

A suitable request type for the email channel must have the Summary field and the Description field as visible fields. Any other fields must be optional ones. 

What happens to email messages in the linked email account?

If you use POP, email messages are deleted from your inbox once processed by .

If you use IMAP, email messages are marked as read once processed by .

Why must the inbox be empty for the email account to be linked when using POP?

To link your email account with a service desk using POP,  requires the inbox of your email account to be empty. 

Starting with an empty inbox ensures that you do not lose emails unintentionally because emails are deleted after they are pulled in as requests when you use POP. To empty your inbox, you can move the existing messages to another folder, archive them or delete them.

If you want certain messages in your inbox to be pulled in by , you can move them back to your inbox after the connection is established.

How are the settings for the email channel related with the JIRA incoming mail setup?

When you link an email account to a service desk and use the email channel, the mail server for the email account is added as an incoming mail server to JIRA and a mail handler is created in JIRA. You can see them by going to the Incoming Mail page in the JIRA administration console. For details about mail servers and mail handlers in JIRA, see the JIRA documentation.

Known issue: Mail handlers created for are not displayed on the Incoming Mail page in the JIRA administration console due to a bug.


  • Do not delete or modify the email setup for service desk projects on the Incoming Mail page in the JIRA administration console because the changes might interfere with the email channel for the projects.
  • If you want to delete the mail server and mail handler used by , make sure that you delete them using the Email settings page in the   configuration section, not on the Incoming Mail page. The  setting will check if any service desk projects use them and display a warning if they are in use. 
  • Similarly, make sure that you edit the settings for the mail server using the  Email settings page so that you can test the connection easily.