JIRA Service Desk customers are users who create requests for the service team to work on. They do not have access to the service desk interface in JIRA used by agents. Customers do not consume JIRA Service Desk licenses or JIRA user licenses. 

Customers can:

Every customer must have an account to create requests. They need to log in to use the Customer Portal. When customers contact your service desk with the email channel for the first time, new user accounts will automatically be created for them if public signup is enabled. If the service desk does not allow public signup, emails sent by unregistered email addresses are not processed. 


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You can find customers and the requests they created in your service desk by using the Customers section of the People tab. We refer to this section as the customer list. The list shows twenty customers at most. You can search for customers that do not appear on the list.

To look at requests created by a customer, use the Open requests and Closed requests columns on the list. 

Screenshot: Customer list on the People tab

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There are two ways to add customers to your service desk: asking them to sign up or adding them manually.

Allowing customers to sign up for user accounts

Public signup allows your customers to create accounts themselves. As new customers sign up, they will be added to your service desk's customer list.

To enable public signup, see Managing customers.

Adding customers to your service desk manually

To add customers manually:

  1. In your service desk, go to the People tab > Customers
  2. Click the Invite customers button, and enter the email addresses of the customers. 
    Note: Mailing lists do not work.

Invited customers will then receive an email invitation that links them to your Customer Portal. They can log in to your portal if their email already exists in the system, or they will need to fill in details for their account and set the password after landing on the portal.