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관리자 가이드 도 참조하세요.


JIRA 관리자 지식 공간

JIRA 인스턴스를 설정하는 것과 관련된 이슈에 대한 일반적인 답변:

JIRA 커뮤너티 공간포럼도 참조하세요.

The JIRA Knowledge base has undergone a face-lift. This landing page, which used to contain the technical advisories for all of the 4.x releases, now contains the most recent milestone release and it's subsequent point releases. When a new milestone is released, the final point release of the previous version will remain on the page until the first point release in the new version. If you are looking for the advisories for an older release, they are now located on the Known Issues page for the version in the Known Issues Archive.

이 공간 이용하는 방법

Welcome to the JIRA troubleshooting space! Search only the JIRA Knowledge Base from the search on the left hand side, browse the page tree for specific areas, or subscribe to the RSS feeds below to get version-specific alerts from the Atlassian Support team. To learn about the subscription options, select the "Visit the complete list of known issues" link in the version-appropriate box below.

기술적인 긴급 알림

Important Technical Alerts for JIRA

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