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When trying to Enable an existing project to be a Service Desk project is not possible from the following:

  • Service Desk Menu > Create a Service Desk > Enable for existing project
  • Chosen Existing Project > Project Administration > Service Desk(not visible)


  1. When trying to select a some of the project or the desired project is not selectable.
  2. There is no Service Desk project in the Project Administration page of the desired project.
  3. The user has JIRA Administration Global Permission, but not Administer Project permission.
  4. The user is not a Service Desk Agent.


While the user that is used able to access Project Administration page, it does not actually have the Administer Project for that specific project.


  1. Make the user as one of the any Service Desk Agents. "Managing agents" documentation.
  2. Include the user to have the Administer Project permission of the desired project Permission Scheme and check if the option is appearing on the Project Administration page. For more information about configuring Project administration, please refer to Managing Project Permissions documentation.
  3. Or, login as the user who are a Service Desk Agent and the Project Administrator of the specific project.

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