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ITIL issue types such as ChangeIncidentProblem are not available automatically in your Service Desk project as advertised in Service Desk features.


There are basically 2 types of Service Desk projects as illustrated below. You have the Basic Service Desk and IT Service Desk:

Only the IT Service Desk Issue Type scheme comes with this ITIL Issue Types.


  • If you select IT Service Desk when creating your Service Desk projects, you should have the ITIL Issue Types (Change, Incident, Problem) included in the Project's pre-built Issue type scheme. 
  • For existing Basic Service Desk Projects, you can modify their Issue Type Schemes (Project Administration > Issue Types > Select 'Edit Issue Types' from the Actions cog menu at top right of Project Issue Type Scheme page) either to add the new issue types to the scheme, or to reuse an existing IT issue type Scheme.


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