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Admin set automations configurations options as "Run as the user who triggered the rule" for customer user conditions.

When making the following configurations for Automations and the options is set as  "Run as the user who triggered the rule"  :-


  • Issue is not transitions when issues matches the status and user is a customer.




  • JIRA 6.4.3
  • JSD 2.5.9


The project workflows configurations for the transitions , had settings for Conditions . For example below screenshots :-

By doing this , Customer user can't transitions the issue . Because by default , Customer is not in both group .

So , to let  Customer user transitions issue , Conditions configurations must not prevent them from performing transitions.


There's 2 options to fix this problem :-

Option 1

  1. Remove conditions configurations in the project workflow . If the conditions is required , then need to make sure Customer user is meeting the conditions.

Option 2

  1. Set Automations options to Run as project default
  2. Make sure the User is meeting the workflows conditions.


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