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There is no UI option for setting this behavior, but it is possible to achieve this by customizing the Service Desk JAR pakage. Please notice that since this is a customization, this change is not officially supported.


    This is the JAR that needs to be modified: <jira-home>/plugins/installed-plugins/jira-servicedesk-X.X.X.jar

  1.     Create a temporary folder and extract the jira-servicedesk-X.X.X.jar file there.
  2.     You will need to find the following file, probably at/servicedesk/customer/feature/login/loginform/ folder.
  3.     You will need to find and remove the checked=" " atribute in the following content:

    <div class="buttons-container">
            <div class="buttons">
     <input class="aui-button {if $login.googleApps.enabled == false}aui-button-primary{/if} aui-style" type="submit" 
    value="{getText('cv.login.submit.label')}" id="js-login-submit">
                <span class="cv-status js-status"></span>
            <input type="checkbox" class="checkbox remember-login" id="form-remember-login" name="os_cookie" checked="">
            <label for="form-remember-login">{getText('')}</label>
  4.    Create a new JAR container after modifying the file and name it the same as the original JAR file (e.g.jira-servicedesk-X.X.X.jar).
  5.     Replace the original JAR file on the folder from where it was copied originally with the modified JAR file.
  6.     Restart your JIRA Instance.

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