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The Customer request is not appearing in "My Request" logged as the reporter customer user, however, if a JIRA user browse to the issue in JIRA interface, the JIRA issue is in the project with the proper reporter.


Open the request in JIRA interface, and open the request in the Issue View screen, search for "Request type", it may have set either "None" or "No match":


There are different causes for this behaviour:

  • The issue was moved from a non ServiceDesk project;
  • The Request Type was deleted while the issue was in closed status, then it was reopened without a matching request type;
  • The Request Type was manually removed;
  • Issue imported from external system;
  • Request created in JIRA Create issue screen.



Open the customer request in the Issue View, browse to the Request type field and manually set a valid request type available for this Customer Portal.


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