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When a customer navigates to (Customer Portal > My requests > Closed requests), they are not able to see their closed requests. Closed requests show up under Open requests.


Service Desk filters Open and Closed request based on the Resolution. If a request has a Resolution, it will be considered Closed and will show up in Closed requests. The Status of the request will not matter.

  • In this case, the issues that are missing from Closed requests do not have a Resolution set. This will cause them to appear under Open requests


Set the Resolution field of the request and it should show up in (Customer Portal > My requests > Closed requests)

  • How to Edit the Resolution of an Issue
    • Warning: The workaround described in this article may cause notifications to be sent to customers because the workaround involves transitioning issues
    • The "Send Email" checkbox on bulk operations does not affect notifications to customers so the notifications will be sent regardless of the checkbox
    • The "ScriptRunner" alternate method is a way to set the resolution without transitioning issues.
  • A Workflow Post Function can be added to the workflow in order to Automatically set the resolution when the issue is transitioned into closed status
    • Typically a second post function is used to clear the Resolution when the issue is transitioned from Closed to an open status.



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