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If you have several request types, you can use groups to organize the Customer Portal. We think groups are helpful if you have seven or more request types. Groups let you specify one or more category names to each request type. Then, JIRA Service Desk will automatically sort your request types into tabs in the Customer Portal, making it easier for customers to find exactly the type of request they need. 

You must have more than one group for the groups to appear in the Customer Portal. Groups are unique to each service desk; if you want to use the same groups in all your service desks, the service desk administrator must manually create the same groups. 


To add request types to one or more groups:

  1. On the Request types page in the Settings tab, use the Groups drop-down and type the group names. 


  • Drag and drop request types to re-arrange them on your Customer Portal. 
  • Groups are displayed in the alphabetical order. To display them in a certain order, just prefix group names with numbers, e.g. 1 Access, 2 Service not working
  • If you assign multiple groups to a single request type, the request type will appear on multiple tabs.

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