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Want to bring your team to life, but using HipChat in the cloud isn't an option in your organization?  HipChat Server is a self-hosted, enterprise chat solution that you can run on your own network. 

HipChat Server has all the great features of HipChat Cloud, with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, one-to-one video chat, screen sharing, and of course emoticons! All hosted on your own network and able to be integrated with your existing user management. 

Ready to get started? We've got everything you need right here - so get installing and sign up for a 30-day trial!

Install HipChat Server

Host HipChat your way, 
on your own network.

Release notes


Security and privacy

System requirements

Installation guide







Administer HipChat Server 

Own it, control it;
HipChat Server is all yours.

Integrate your team's tools

Use the HipChat Server CLI

Monitor HipChat Server골드피처-HipChat-제품

Log files

All Administering Topics

HipChat Server Knowledge base

 Want to super-charge your team's real-time collaboration, but don't want to host it yourself? Start using HipChat Cloud right now.