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Encountering the below error message when trying to Turn On the Service Desk Email setting. 


No suitable request type for the email channel

You will select the default request type assigned to requests created from the email channel during the setup. However no existing request types are suitable for email requests. A suitable request type must have both the Summary and Description fields as visible fields, and all the other visible fields, if any, must be optional. If you want to enable the email channel, add a new request type that meets the criteria or modify an existing one on the Request types page



Happens when creating issues by emails.

Sometimes there is no default request type as it does not contain any Summary and Description field as they are the minimum requirements for a request type to be default when a mail handlers creates an issue. However, sometimes we have them both but again we face the below error message. 


In this case we need to check JIRA Field Configuration to check if there is no required field as only Description and Summary can be required in Service Desk when creating issues by Email. Navigate to Project >> View Field Configuration and turn the required fields to optional and try to Turn On the mail setting in Service Desk again.


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