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JIRA Service Desk provides a set of default request types that are configured for basic IT help desk scenarios. You can configure the default ones to suit your company's needs or add new ones. 


요청타입에 대한 필드 커스터마이즈

The fields and descriptions that appear in a request type are based on the field configured for the issue type (that is, the issue type the request type is based on). 

You use the Fields tab to change the default JIRA field names to more customer friendly language. For example, the "Summary" field appears as "What do you need?" for customers. 

You can also keep fields hidden but available on the request type so that their value can be used for other processes. For more details about how different types of fields work in JIRA Service Desk, see Hidden fields and unsupported fields.

If the issue type doesn't have the fields you need, you must add a field to the JIRA issue type that the request type is based on. If the issue type uses multiple screen schemes, the new field must be available in the create screen. See Configuring Fields and Screens.

요청타입에 대한 워크플로우 상태 커스터마이즈

JIRA Service Desk uses the workflow associated with the request's issue type for the flow of the request.

You can re-map the default workflow statuses to more customer friendly statuses that will appear for customers, and you can also map multiple statuses to a single customer status to simplify the appearance of the workflow. Use the Workflow Statuses tab to customize the workflow that customers will see. 

Only changes between these customer-visible 'status names' will be reflected in the Customer Portal and its notifications (e.g. a transition between two workflow statuses can be hidden on the Portal by giving them the same 'status name'). For more information about notifications, see Setting up request types.

If you need to change the workflow of a request, you must edit the workflow associated with the service desk project. You can find this workflow on the project administration section of the service desk project.

숨겨진 필드와 미지원 필드

Each request type in a service desk is based on a JIRA issue type. Every JIRA issue type has a set of allowed (and possibly required) fields associated with it. As you set up the request type, you can choose to include fields that are hidden on the Customer Portal but still provide a value to assist with your internal processes and reporting. For example, you might want to set the value of the "Label" field as "hardware" for the "Request new hardware" request type, and set the value as "software" for the "Request new software" request type.

Some fields used by an issue type are not supported for use in the Customer Portal; if you include these fields on a request type, they will automatically be added to the Hidden fields with preset values section and you'll be required to set a value for them.

Other fields aren't supported for use in JIRA Service Desk.

These fields can be added to the request type and given a preset value, but you cannot make them visible on the Customer Portal:

  • Assignee
  • Linked issues
  • Any fields that are defined by other add-ons in JIRA

These types of fields can't be added to a request type and won't appear in the in the "Add a field" dialog:

  • Issue type
  • Log work
  • Reporter
  • Security level
  • Time tracking


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