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E-mails are being rejected in JIRA Service desk with vague error message in the logs and audit logs: The message was rejected because it has delivery status. 

Steps to reproduce: 

  • Configure distribution list in exchange. 
  • Have mail forward from the distribution list to e-mail specified in JSD E-mail Channel.
  • No Mail is received.


Diagnostic Steps

    • Check audit mail log Cog Icon>General>Applications>E-mail Request>Click view log for affected service desk. You will see the following message:
  • Checking the header information you will see the forwarded e-mail does not have a header. 
  • This is being rejected due to DeliveryStatusMailFilter that rejects the message as there is no return path specified. See Global Puller under Scheduled Jobs for reference. 


The message is rejected and bounced due to No Return Path specified. 


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