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After changing the URL of the Confluence Application Link, the knowledge base links on JIRA Service Desk still points to the old URL. We're tracking this a bug on JSD-641 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


Simply run the following SQL query in JIRA's database to verify which is the URL in use by JSD:



  1. (warning) Always backup JIRA before modifying its database.
  2. Stop JIRA;
  3. Update the AO_54307E_CONFLUENCEKB table, and update the application link URL.
  4. Restart JIRA;

(info) For example, if updating the URL from HTTP to HTTPS, the following can be used:

 update "AO_54307E_CONFLUENCEKB" set "APPLINK_URL" = replace ("APPLINK_URL", 'http', 'https'), "SPACE_URL" = REPLACE ("SPACE_URL", 'http', 'https');

This was created using PostgreSQL - if you're using a different DBMS you may need to update the query accordingly.


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