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A knowledge base is where you provide help content for your customers so that they can find solutions on their own. You can add the knowledge base capabilities to your service desk by integrating Confluence with JIRA Service Desk. A guide is at Providing self-help resources for your customers with a knowledge base.

However, user might face issues in integrating JIRA Service Desk with confluence. 



Linking JIRA Service Desk and Confluence

  • The issue here is user has successful application link between JIRA Service Desk and Confluence, but whenever they search for a knowledge base in Service Desk it shows the Knowledge Base tittle but the contents is empty.



  • According to the tests this issue appears in Chrome and Firefox, but it works fine in Internet Explorer.

Diagnostic Steps

  • After successful integration link when user searches for Knowledge Base the tittles will be fetched but the content is empty.
  • The below error will appear at Developer too(Inspect Element) Console.


According to investigations and mentioned errors, the root cause is the JIRA is running on SSL while the Confluence running without SSL which is partially clear from the error we have received from the console.



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Unknown macro: {dynamiccontentbylabel}
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