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This page explains the type of licenses the different users need to use JIRA Service Desk.

If you want to find out the cost of running JIRA Service Desk, head over to the pricing page:


사용자가 필요한 라이센스

UsersJIRA Service Desk licenseJIRA user licenseInformation

Your customers can submit requests with the Customer Portal once logged in.

They can also create requests by sending emails to your inbox if you enable the email channel.

They do not count towards your JIRA Service Desk license or JIRA license.

  • Agents
  • Service desk administrators

Agents are users that work on customer requests and communicate with customers.

Service desk administrators are agents with administrative privileges.

When you add a new agent to JIRA Service Desk, the new agent is added to the service-desk-agents group automatically. By default, this group is assigned with the JIRA Service Desk agent access global permission and therefore counts towards your JIRA Service Desk license.


If you have other users who help your service team resolving tickets and do not communicate with your customers directly, you can purchase JIRA user license seats for them. These users are collaborators in JIRA Service Desk.

For example, you can purchase JIRA user license seats for managers who approve purchase requests, or developers who help support staff analyze bugs. 

How are users counted towards your JIRA Service Desk license - the technical details

JIRA Service Desk pricing is based on agents. Agents are users that work on customer requests and communicate with customers. Technically, an agent is any user account in the system with the JIRA Service Desk agent access global permission. Users must have this global permission to use the licensed functions of JIRA Service Desk. By default, the service-desk-agents group is granted with this global permission and all agents belong to this group. This means that any user in the group counts towards your license.

If you grant the JIRA Service Desk agent access global permission to other groups, users in those groups count towards your JIRA Service Desk too. 

라이센싱 이슈 해결하기

The number of agents exceeds your license seats

If you are experiencing this problem, you might have downgraded your license to a user tier that has fewer license seats than your agents. When this happens, your customers can still raise requests, but other JIRA Service Desk functionality will be disabled. This means that agents can only view issues and make internal comments, and they cannot perform other actions on issues any more, e.g. responding to customers. You have two options in this situation: 


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