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Streamlined notifications

We've streamlined the way how notifications work in this version. In previous versions, if no JIRA notification scheme is associated with a service desk project, no notifications are sent to customers (i.e. reporters) or agents. In versions 1.2.6, as long as the Notifications setting for JIRA Service Desk is set to ON, notifications are always sent to customers. This means that when the JIRA Service Desk setting is enabled, JIRA Service Desk controls the notifications for customers and the JIRA notification scheme controls the notifications for the other JIRA users. When the JIRA Service Desk setting is disabled, the JIRA notification scheme takes effect for all users.

Customers receive notifications when:

  • when they raise a request through the Customer Portal, 
  • when their request is resolved, 
  • when another user comments on their request, and 
  • when there is a change in the 'status name'.

Fix list -

This release contains no code changes and just improvements to ensure compatibility with future JIRA releases.

Fix list - 1.2.6

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