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After Installing the latest JIRA Service Desk package (JIRA 7 with JSD 3.0), after login JIRA would show blank page where we can only click on the JIRA logo and Logout. For example:

The affected URL when accessing the page is:

<JIRA Base URL>/servicedesk/welcome




  • Mozilla Firefox

Diagnostic Steps

  • Use another Browser to check if the issue is happening on every browser.
  • Check using another machine as well.
  • Try to disable every Extension/Add-on on the browser.
    (info) Most of the time using Private Browsing mode will disable the it automatically


Apparently, this is due to an extension that is installed in the browser. When accessing the page using Mozilla Firefox with uBlock Origin installed, it will cause the issue.


  • Remove/Disable the uBlock Origin extension from Firefox
  • Disable any Browser extension that causing the issue
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