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The content on this page relates to platforms which are not supported for JIRA. Consequently, Atlassian can not guarantee providing any support for it. Please be aware that this material is provided for your information only and using it is done so at your own risk.


When migrating from other ITSM tools it is necessary to create users in bulk as part of that migration. This how to guide details how to go about doing that. This approach is targeted for JIRA Core 7.1+.


There is an experimental REST API in JIRA Core for creating users, documented at that link. Using this endpoint it is possible to create users with no application keys, and as such they are considered customers. Specifically:

  1. Ensure mail notification is enabled, as per Configuring JIRA's SMTP mail server to send notifications.
  2. Write a script to use the create user endpoint.
  3. When creating users, do not provide them with any application keys.
  4. Leave the password blank.
  5. Ensure a notification is sent.

This will create users with no application login and send an email to them to generate a password. Provided a Customer Portal is not configured with restricted access, as detailed in Setting up service desk users, they will be able to login to any Customer Portal as a user.

Atlassian Support does not provide support for integration with REST APIs or writing scripts to use them - if you need help please raise a question on Atlassian Answers.

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