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JIRA Service Desk tracks user events for the purposes of usage analytics so that we can improve the product. 

데이터 수집 설정 변경방법

If you use JIRA Service Desk BTF (you install it from Atlassian Marketplace), you can opt in or out for data collection. You can change your data collection settings at any time by going to  > System > Advanced > Analytics.

If you use JIRA Service Desk OnDemand, you will not be presented with an opt-in prompt.  This is because data collection in OnDemand is already permitted and described in our Privacy Policy and End User Agreement and cannot be disabled for OnDemand.

수집하는 데이터

All the data we collect (from both BTF and OnDemand instances) is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy and our End User Agreement.

JIRA Service Desk collects information regarding the type and frequency of feature usage within the product. We use these usage metrics to better understand how you use our product so that we can improve the product in future releases.

수집한 데이터 처리

For all customers (BTF and OnDemand) we use the Atlassian Analytics plugin to collect and analyze the data.


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