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JIRA Service Desk has introduced a new feature starting JIRA ServiceDesk v3.1  where there is no need for users to have a license in Confluence to be able to access the Confluence Knowledge Base through Service Desk.

This feature is detailed in Linking A KnowledgeBase.  This article aims to further explain with details on that documentation to assist users in understanding this feature.

알아야할 사항:

This feature was originally built for the Cloud environment which has a shared user base directory. If you are running server versions of JIRA Service Desk & Confluence, you will need to make sure that your user base for both applications is the same by using of one of the following approaches:

 링크 셋업 방법

Applink Configuration

  1. Setup the Applink using OAuth on both JSD and Confluence Side


Configuration on Service Desk Side

  1.  Go to JSD Project Administration > Knowledge Base and enable the following:

    This grants an unlicensed user from JSD access to the Confluence space without the need of having a Confluence license.

  2. Create a user called 'Cust' in service desk portal. This is basically customer created in an open public Service Desk

Configuration on Confluence

  1. Create a user in Confluence named 'Cust' (this is the unlicensed user). This only needed to be done if Confluence doesn't have the same userbase with JIRA. 
    If Confluence using JIRA as the user directory or using crowd (sharing same userbase, skip this step)

  2. Ensure that in the Global Permission page the Unlicensed Access is enabled. 
    (info) This Unlicensed Access option will only be visible once KB connection is created in JSD first.

  3. Ensure that in the Space Permissions page the Any active user can view this space panel is visible.

Accessing the KB through JSD

  1. Go to JSD Portal, and search for the KB name, and it will appear. Proceed to click on the KB link.

  2. You will be prompted with the login box.  Proceed with logging in and check the "Remember Me" checkbox.

  3. You will now be able to access the KB without having to login further



(warning) If you are unable to search for the article using a customer account, and can only search article using admin/agent account, you might hit by this  JSD-4233 - Getting issue details... STATUS




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