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JIRA Service Desk 개요

As introduced in this tutorial, JIRA Service Desk combines the productivity and power of the JIRA platform with an intuitive user experience that your service teams can use to successfully maintain your focus on the customer. Throughout this tutorial, we will reference the example of a new customer who uses JIRA Service Desk to send requests to his company's IT Team so he can get settled in his new role as quickly as possible. Here's how the customer and a service desk agent would work together to resolve a request using JIRA Service Desk: 

1 - Customer needs assistance and submits a request to JIRA Service Desk.

2 - Service desk agent picks up the issue.

3 - Customer and service desk agent discuss the problem.

4 - The customer is satisfied and the service desk agent resolves the issue!


Request vs. issue

JIRA Service Desk request is what your customer submits to your service desk, while an issue is what an agent works on internally.

Customer view of a request in the Customer Portal:

Service desk team view of an issue in JIRA:

JIRA Service Desk roles

There are four main roles in JIRA Service Desk: administrator, agent, collaborator and customer. This guide focuses on the administrator, who sets up and configures JIRA Service Desk projects, and the agent, who works out of the preconfigured service desk projects. 


User with administrative rights for your service desk who can: 

  • Access all features in JIRA Service Desk
  • Add and remove users to and from service desk projects
  • Configure the Customer Portal, request types, queues, reports and SLA metrics
  • Perform all tasks outlined in Admin and Agent tutorials


User who works on and resolves customer requests who can: 

  • Access the internal service desk interface
  • View the Customer Portal, queues, reports and SLA metrics of assigned service desk projects
  • Add, edit and delete customer-facing and private comments on issues
  • Manage knowledge base content

Ready to dive into JIRA Service Desk?

Click on the admin or agent buttons below to proceed. 


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