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After you set up your service desk in a way that serves both your agents and your customers, it's time to show your customers how to start using JIRA Service Desk and get their requests fulfilled. 

Customer 포털 통해 요청 생성하기

  1. Visit the Customer Portal.
  2. Pick an option that matches what you need and fill in the details of the request.
    Screenshot: global portal 


Create requests by sending emails

Another way of creating requests is by sending emails to a service desk. Ask your service team if they support the email channel and if they do, just email them directly from your inbox and all the communication thereafter can happen there too.  

여러 Service Desk 에서 요청 생성하기

To put the same request in multiple service desks, you have the following options:

  • If all of the service desks you want to put the request in use the email channel, you can easily create the request by sending one email message to all service desks' email addresses.
  • If not all of the service desks support the email channel, you need to create the request in the service desks one by one, either through their customer portal or sending emails. 

요청 추적하고 댓글달기

The Customer Portal shows all the information about a request and you can check a request's status and read updates from agents as they come in. You can add comments to requests on the Customer Portal as well.

Another way of tracking requests is through email notifications. You receive email notifications when agents respond to your requests and when requests' status changes. To add comments to requests, you can just reply to the email notifications and your reply will be added as a comment to the request in the system. 


Want to learn more? Proceed to the JIRA Service Desk documentation home linked below!




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