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This page applies to the version 2 license.

All purchases of JIRA Service Desk made on and after 10 September 2014 are on the version 2 license, i.e. the new pricing model. For instructions on user management for version 1 license, see Setting up users with the version 1.x pricing.

You can enable public signup for your service desk so customers can create an account on the Customer Portal. Agents will also be able to send new customers invitations to create an account. If you want new customers to be able to create requests by sending emails to your service desk, you must enable public signup.


When customers send emails to your email channel from email addresses that do not exist as user accounts in the system, their email addresses are automatically added as new users when public signup is enabled. If the service desk does not allow public signup, emails sent from new email addresses are not processed. 

Screenshot: The signup option on a Customer Portal

On this page:

공개 가입으로 Service Desk 오픈하기

Configuring a service desk to allow public signup is a two-step process:

  1. Enable public signup for JIRA Service Desk. This step is is at the system level and when the setting is enabled, service desk administrators can set their individual service desks to allow signup. If the setting is disabled, service desk administrators do not see the signup option on their service desks. 
    To do this:
    1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators'  global permission.
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    3. In the Public signup section, enable the setting. 
  2. Enable signup for your service desk project. This step is at the service desk level and service desk administrators can perform this action. 
    To do this:
    1. Go to People > Customers.
    2. On the right-hand side of the page, click the Everyone can access button.
    3. Select Everyone with an account can access my Customer Portal and Anyone can sign up for a customer account on my Customer Portal

Once you've enabled public signup for your service desk, you can your agents can use the Invite Customers button to invite new customers to signup for an account on your Customer Portal. You can also email customers the link directly or post the link on your intranet. Once your customers create an account, they will be able to create requests straightaway.  

If you already set up the email channel for your service desk, a new customer can just create requests by emailing your service desk and an account will be created for them automatically.

New user accounts are added to the Service Desk Customers role for the service desk and appear in your customer list on the Customers section of the People tab. Customers will receive email notifications about their user accounts. 

공개가입 중지하기

Turning off public signup does not affect the existing customers who've created their accounts via signup.

If you turn off the public signup setting for all the service desks at the system level, all service desks that allow signup will be disabled automatically. 


CAPTCHA for JIRA Service Desk is controlled through the JIRA CAPTCHA setting. If the JIRA CAPTCHA setting is enabled in JIRA, customers will need to enter the word that is displayed in a picture in a text field when signing up for an account. CAPTCHA helps preventing signup by spam systems. Follow the instructions on the Configuring public signup page to enable CAPTCHA. 


Does public signup count towards the license?

As with any customer account, user accounts that are created via public signup for JIRA Service Desk do not count towards your license. For information about how licensing works, see Configuring public signup.

JIRA Service Desk public signup v.s. JIRA public signup

The two signup settings (the JIRA mode setting and the public signup in JIRA Service Desk) work independently. For example, if the JIRA mode is set to private and public signup is enabled for JIRA Service Desk, users cannot sign up for accounts to access JIRA, but they can sign up for accounts to access the Customer Portal of JIRA Service Desk.  For more information about JIRA public signup, see Configuring public signup.



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