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There are four user roles you can assign in JIRA Service Desk: 

  • The customers who create requests via email or the Customer Portal
  • Your team members, or agents, who view and respond to these requests
  • project administrator, or an agent with administrative capabilities for one project
  • People outside your team, or collaborators, who occasionally assist agents with requests

에이전트 추가하기

If you are a project administrator, you will need to contact your site administrator to add new agents to your project. 

Let's start by creating three agents - Diane, Martin, and Waldo

  1. Select the People tab  - you will land on the Agents section by default - and click Add an agent.
  2. Enter Diane's email address and click Add agent:
  3. Repeat the first two steps to add your additional agents, Martin and Waldo:

에이전트에 이슈 할당하기

Your agents will generally work out of certain queue that has issues automatically triaged into it; however, let's test out manually assigning issues in case you ever come across a customer request that you want a certain agent or team to handle. 

  1. From the Queues tab, select one of your test requests.
  2. Click Assign:
  3. Type Waldo's username into the "Assignee" field and click Assign.
  4. When Waldo signs into JIRA Service Desk, this issue will appear in his personal queue. 
  5. Assign another test issue to Diane. 

고객 추가하기

You do not need to add customers to your service desk site during this tutorial but let's check out where you would add them so you're familiar with the needed steps: 

  1. In the People tab, click the Customers section.
  2. Click the Invite customers button to enter individual customer email addresses
  3. Invited customers will receive an email invitation with a link to your Customer Portal, where they can complete the signup process.













































Public customer signup

You can have your customers sign up for their own accounts (without an individual email invite) by enabling public signup.


You're almost done! You have now added 3 agents to your service desk project and reviewed the process of assigning issues to these agents and inviting customers to your service desk proejct. You can now customize your Customer Portal and share it with the rest of your team.


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