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28 July 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents the Atlassian REST Plugin 2.1.

Atlassian REST 2.1, when paired with Seraph 2.2, provides more reliable use of REST resources by scripts and programs. The full explanation is a bit technical. Here's a developer's way of putting it into human-readable words:

You know how after a while you get logged out of JIRA or Confluence. As a person you notice that pretty easily because the page just looks different. But a program isn't that smart. It doesn't know that it has suddenly been logged out and is now doing things as 'anonymous' and not 'jsmith'. The new REST + Seraph combination means they get an error message instead of just suddenly becoming 'anonymous' when using REST.

Do you generate your REST API documentation using the Jersey WADL? With version 2.1 of the REST plugin, you can now have JSON examples as well as XML in your generated documentation. The plugin provides a new doclet based on com.sun.jersey.wadl.resourcedoc.ResourceDoclet that allows JSON examples. You will need to change your pom.xml to use this doclet.

This release also enables self-expansion of entities, along with other improvements described below.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

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