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Topics are tags that you use to categorise questions, provide structure and navigation opportunities.  Every question must have at least one topic. This ensures there are no orphaned questions in your site. 

Topics are created when you ask a question. You can remove a topic from a question or add additional topics at any time. Sometimes adding a more relevant topic can help get a useful answer to a question.

Popular, featured and suggested topics

When you ask a question, featured and popular topics appear. You can choose one of these topics, or start typing a topic - Confluence Questions will suggest matching topics. 

Where possible it is a good idea to use an suggested topic, as this indicates there are already other questions on the same topic. The suggested topic might also be watched by an expert.

For example if you have a question about printing. You start typing 'print' and Confluence suggests 'Printer' as a topic, that means there are already questions with the topic 'Printer'.  You'll be more likely to get an answer if you choose 'Printer' over creating a new topic for 'Print' or 'Printing'. 

Featured topics appear more prominently on the topics and ask a question pages.  Edit a topic to make it featured. 

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You can watch a topic to be notified when a new question is added. This is a great way to keep informed about what is going on in your site. 

To watch a topic:

  1. Go to Questions > Topics
  2. Choose Watch next to any topics you wish to be notified about. 

If you are an administrator you can also add and remove people from the watchers list for a topic.  Navigate to the topic then choose Edit beside the Watchers list. 

Seeing all questions for a topic

To view all questions for a topic select the topic in an existing question, or go to Questions > Topics and find it in the list. 

주제 편집하기

Edit a topic to:

  • add a description explaining the purpose of the topic
  • add a logo to make the topic recognisable 
  • make it a featured topic.

If you have Confluence Administrator permissions you can also create and delete topics. See Topics

Note that you can't change the name of a topic. One workaround is to create a new topic, re-tag all questions and then ask an administrator to remove the old topic (once it has no questions or watchers).


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