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A great strategy when getting started is to seed or pre-populate your site with some questions. It's a brave person who asks the first question, so help them out by creating a few questions and answers. 

When thinking about your first questions it is a good idea to plan your topics and how you will use them. Users will then be able to follow your example when asking their own questions.


The fastest way to ask a question is to go to Create > Ask a question, anywhere in Confluence. 

You can also go to Questions on the header then type a question - similar questions will be suggested, or if the question does not already exist you can choose the Ask Question button to create it. 

You can include attachments, code samples, pictures, @mention users and more in your question. You must be logged in to ask a question. 

답변과 질문에 대한 댓글

Any user that can ask a question can answer a question.  You can @mention other users or share the question to bring others into the discussion. Up vote helpful answers, and down vote unhelpful or incorrect answers. 

Accept the best answer to indicate to other users that your question has been answered. You can only accept answers to your own questions.  The accepted answer and highly voted answers appear above lower voted answers. 

Add a comment when you need to find out more information or seek clarification on a question or if you want to discuss an answer. 

질문 찾기 (그리고 답변)

Users can find questions and answers in a number of ways:

  • Search - see questions in the quicknav and search results - there is even a filter for questions.
  • Browse  - view recent, popular, unanswered questions, your own questions, or questions on a particular topic.
  • Watch - be notified by email when new questions are added to a topic you are watching.

Questions also appear in the Popular tab on the Confluence dashboard. 

질문 관찰

If you want to keep informed about a specific question, you can watch the question.  You will be notified when answers and comments are added to the question.

You can also watch a whole topic or choose to watch all questions to be notified when a new question is added.


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