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To provide the widest possible audience, Confluence Questions is available to all members Confluence's default groups.

Users with permission to use Confluence Questions can ask questions, answer questions, up vote answers and more.

Users can delete their own questions, answers and comments. Users with Confluence Administrator permissions can delete any question or answer. 

Confluence Questions 에 접근 제한하기

Users with administrator permissions for your Confluence site can choose to restrict access to Confluence Questions to particular groups. 

A good example of this is where your employees and customers both have access to your Confluence site, and you want to use Confluence Questions for internal issues such as leave or payroll - in this situation you would grant Confluence Questions permissions to your employees group only. 

To restrict Confluence Questions to a group:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration > Confluence Questions Permissions.
  2. Choose Edit Permissions.
  3. Deselect the Use Confluence Questions checkbox for the default group (such as confluence-users).
  4. Add the groups you want to use Confluence Questions.
  5. Choose Save all

You can add as many different groups as you require. 

If a user does not have permission to use Confluence Questions, they will not see the Questions tab in the header, and questions will not appear in their search results.

익명 사용자 허용하기

If your Confluence site allows anonymous users (users who have not logged in), you can choose to allow these users to also view questions. Anonymous users can't ask, answer, or vote on questions. 

To allow anonymous users to view questions:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration > Confluence Questions Permissions.
  2. Choose Edit Permissions. 
  3. Select the can view checkbox in the Anonymous section.
  4. Choose Save all.

Allow experts to curate questions and answers

As a Q&A community grows, administrators may want to delegate content curation activities to other users. You can choose to grant permissions to perform actions such as editing question topics or deleting comments, based on a the number of points a user has earned.

To turn on reputation based permissions:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration > Confluence Questions Customisation.
  2. Select Reputation Based Permissions
  3. Choose Save.

The points required for each action are:

  • Vote down answers - 15 points
  • Edit question topics - 100 points
  • Delete comments - 500 points
  • Edit another user's post - 500 points


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