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13 September 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents the Shared Access Layer (SAL) 2.2.

Highlights of this release:

  • Secure administrator sessions. Confluence provides support for secure administrator sessions, called 'WebSudo'. When an administrator who is logged into Confluence attempts to access an administration function, they are prompted to log in again. Eventually, all the Atlassian applications will support WebSudo sessions. As of SAL version 2.2 and REST 2.2 it is possible to enforce WebSudo from within a plugin if the host application supports it. See the documentation.
  • Cross-application API for accessing user profiles. SAL's UserManager API now supports a uniform way of retrieving user information such as user full name, email address, profile picture URI, and profile page URI.
    public interface UserManager
    * Returns a {@code UserProfile object} for the specified user or null if no user can be found
    * @param username The username of the user whose profile is requested
    * @return The user's profile or null
    * @since 2.2.0
    UserProfile getUserProfile(String username);
    You can inject it into any service.
    public MyService(UserManager userManager)
    UserProfile profile = userManager.getUserProfile(username);
  • Support of special characters in PluginSettings. In earlier releases, special characters such as newline or form feed could corrupt the data persisted through AbstractStringPluginSettings (if your PluginSettings implementation uses it). This problem has been fixed.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

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