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Atlassian IDE Connectors 에 대한 소개

The Atlassian IDE Connectors are add-ons for your integrated development environment (IDE). They allow you to work with the Atlassian products within your IDE. Now you don't have to switch between websites, email messages and new feeds to see what's happening to your project and your code. Instead, you can see the relevant JIRA issues, Crucible reviews and Bamboo build information right there in your development environment.

The Atlassian IDE Connectors are available for IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and Visual Studio (beta). Take a look at the documentation for each IDE:

Visual Studio Support

We are currently developing an Atlassian IDE Connector for Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are interested in Visual Studio support, please follow the project's progress on our issue tracker. You can create an account and add feature requests, comments and bug reports to help determine our roadmap.

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