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If you want to develop plugins for JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, Bamboo, FishEye or Crucible, this is your starting point. The information in the pages below will show you how write a generic plugin for the Atlassian Plugin Framework. Following the tutorials here set up your enviroment, create a empty plugin, and show you how to deploy it to your host application. After that, there are product-specific development hubs which explain how to build the functionality you want in each product. You should follow the tutorials here to get ready to develop, and then dive into the development hubs.

Set up: Start here to set up your development environment, including Java and the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Develop: Create your plugin from an archetype (template) and use the awesome Atlassian tools that make plugin development a breeze. Click through to the tutorials on specific plugin types.

Test: Find out how to include automated tests for your plugin. In our quest for quality, we encourage plugin developers to supply unit and functional tests with a significant amount of code coverage.

Package & Release: Share your killer plugin with the world. Read about licensing, plugin repositories, issue trackers, documentation and how to announce your plugin.

Find Out More: Check out our plugin development resources including forums, reading, example files and more.

Convert: See how to convert your existing plugin to use the new Atlassian Plugin SDK.

We now have developer mailing lists for our products!

Sign up for Developer Updates to get release notifications for new versions, API changes, exclusive offers, and much more.

Download Latest Version (Windows)

Download Latest Version (Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux)

Current released version -- Atlassian Plugin SDK 3.4

Currently-supported applications: Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible and Crowd.

Atlassian Plugin SDK 3.4 is now available – see the release notes. If you have ideas for improvement or new features, or have found a bug, please raise a ticket on our issue tracker. Snapshot builds are also available for the stout-hearted.

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