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These are some of the ways you can get involved in the Atlassian Developer Network. We would love to have your contributions!

Join the Forum / Mailing List

Subscribe to our blogs or newsletter, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, learn on Answers (learn more here), or create a account and edit your Email Preferences.

Join the IRC channel

Use your favorite IRC client to join. Wikipedia has a whole list of clients to choose from. Internally we use Colloquy on Macs and mIRC on Windows computers. Additionally some of the regular chat clients are able to connect to IRC. Once you decided on a client, you will need to following details to join the IRC channel:

If you have a question specifically for Atlassian developers, for best results, ask your question, and if you don't get a reply immediately, stay logged in for at least 24 hours, then come back and check for a reply. Most Atlassian developers are in Sydney, and are only monitoring the channel during Sydney business hours. Additionally, not all Atlassian developers stay constantly signed in to IRC, so if you ask it during Sydney business hours you've also got a much higher chance of getting a timely answer from the right developer.

Share your Plugin

You've spent long hours getting your plugin just right. Why not share it with the rest of the Atlassian Community? Here's how you can release your plugin to the Atlassian Community.

Submit a patch

Have you found a bug in an existing plugin? Something not quite right? Is there an itch you want to scratch? Many of our plugins are open-source and welcome contributions. With closed-source projects, including the products themselves, you are still welcome to submit patches for us to review. Here's how to submit a patch.

Join an existing project

If you're really excited about a plugin, jump right in! Contact the plugin's sponsor and discuss how you might be able to collaborate.


Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Network

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