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We've kicked off Codegeist V, and this page contains links to the documentation resources you'll need for the contest.

Speakeasy Extensions

Speakeasy is a new, experimental extension mechanism for Atlassian's products. Speakeasy extensions are designed to be easy and shareable. They are front-end only: no Java code, just web standards (HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.). The Speakeasy Framework is currently a developer preview; this is the first time it's been shared outside of Atlassian.

Join the SpeakEasy Google Group and give us any feedback you have.

General Plugin Development

In addition to Speakeasy, Atlassian has a powerful plugin platform that enables developers to build almost anything. The Writing your first plugin doc has all you need to build an Atlassian plugin. And we've got a ton of cookbook-style tutorials. We've also created a very comprehensive multi-part tutorial about modern plugin architecture, which should be a great way to get started, too. Take a look:

You can also take a look at the plugins that have already been developed on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange, as well as checking out all of the parts of our applications you can change:


We're almost finished incorporating a new ORM layer into our products that enables significantly easier, faster and more scalable data access and storage than our old Bandana and PluginSettings APIs. This ORM is called ActiveObjects, based on the open source project initially developed by Daniel Spiewak. ActiveObjects is currently a developer preview that we're just now sharing outside of Atlassian.

Give us Feedback on ActiveObjects.

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